Monthly Archives: December 2015

Girl Talk, Today by Sandra Chayo

This year we decided to make room for other of us, HOPE girls, to tell a little bit about our tricks as well.

Let’s talk about hair today. Who does not totally change their attitude mood when they have their hair in the day and well treated?! I think we got a lot more self-confident, do not you think? Continue reading

She Is Trend: Giovanna Antonelli

Hello lindaaa and lindooss!

In addition to beautiful and super nice, today’s post will comment on this great global actress throughout the novel told in life and the guardarroupa of Brazil.
In “family” she has stolen the scene with your love triangle with Marian and the actress Tainá Müller, who also has a wonderful style. Continue reading

My Hair and the Hair Transition

Hello lindaaa and a lot lindoo!

Today I want to share with you about Capillary Transition and why I decided to go for it.

During my childhood and adolescence, I used my natural hair. But because of bullying at school (because it was always the youngest in the class, was way too skinny, she’s crying for nothing and even my hair was super full, like Elba, you know?!) always put in my mind that all of this was going to change. Continue reading