20 6/8 ‘ Fin ‘

The training for swimmers becomes increasingly specific as new techniques emerge. To improve the conditioning, the performance and the speed of the athlete, became introduced the use of fins fixed on the feet, and the positive results of the members ‘ contact with water can be quickly and easily seen.

Specific improvement on flexibility of ankles

This is a part of the body very used and very important for athletes from swimming. In this way, the use of the 6/8 ” swimmer 20 assists in that region, stretching so that the leg be more stretched and generate friction with the water, generating the flexibility for your moving in all directions.

Other advantages of 20 6/8 ‘ fin ‘

  • Assists in the improvement of the technique and body positioning: makes the swimmer’s muscles to boost speed. In this way, repeatedly with the equipment, training your technique will improve when swimming without him and, consequently, the speed will increase.
  • Improve physical fitness: the greater use of lower limbs in aerobic activities is largely responsible for the burning of energy and the consequent improvement in physical conditioning. Due to the contact with water and the work with the breath, swimming is a great exercise for the improvement in stamina, and the use of 20 6/8 fin ” works more accurately the musculature and the strength of the athlete.

This is a device that acts as an extra resource for the development of the athlete in the sport, with regard to speed and strength. However, should be used consciously and the swimmer cannot generate dependency. If you want to know more about 20 6/8 ‘ fin ‘, please contact our team of professionals and get all your questions. And to keep informed, Subscribe to our newsletter, receive the content update and stay on top of all the news.