16 Channel Intelbras Dvr: Is It Worth Buying?

The Intelbras 16-channel DVR is a digital recorder with multi-possibilities.

This is because it supports the main technologies of the market, such as: AHD, DHTVI, IP and analog, being able to be integrated to different types of security cameras from DeluxeSurveillance.

This product is ideal for CCTV projects of small to medium size, for offering an excellent cost-benefit in exchange for image quality and cutting-edge technology.

In addition, it is very easy to configure because the guide is very intuitive and, by performing three basic steps, the user can already perform remote access to the reproduced images.

To learn more about the technical capabilities, technology and usage tips of the 16-channel Intelbras DVR digital recorder, check out the information below:

Main Features Of The Intelbras DVR 16 Cameras

At first, we can say that one of the main functions of the IntelRAS 16 DVR is the possibility of supporting other technologies on the market.

In addition, the digital recorder features the BNC + IP function, which guarantees another IP channel with 1080N image resolution with 30 frames with 4 channels HDCVI, HDTVI or AHD with the same resolutions.

This function ensures more quality and clarity in the images of cameras with older systems.

In addition, iSIC 6 and Intelbras SIM technologies allow users to access smartphones and personal computers via the Internet.

This allows the management of images to be carried out from anywhere, be it in the office, during a trip or in any other situation.

The 16- channel Intelbras DVR records images at 720p and plays videos in Full HD (1080p) using the innovative 1080N resolution standard.

Tips For Using Intelr 16ch DVR

The Intelbras mhdx 16 channel digital DVR recorder is suitable for anyone who wants to set up a small or medium security system, either to monitor the company or the residence.

By having 16 channels and the ability to support other technologies, this product is an excellent cost-benefit.

Its configuration is very practical, making it easy through the Intelbras Cloud system. Simply connect the network cable to the DVR, download the iSIC 6 application from the Play Store or Apple Store, and scan the QR code that will appear on the screen.

By performing these simple steps, the user will have access to the images and can configure their system as needed, in the palm of the hand.

Intelbras 16 Channel DVR: Learn The Key Benefits

The main advantage of this digital recorder is cost-effective.

It has a good price, especially if we analyze the technical characteristics and innovative technologies, such as1080N resolution and BNC + IP function.

It has a virtual matrix where it is possible to configure the images in the visualization plane without the need to change the installation cables.

Another advantage is the possibility of exporting videos in .AVI, format read by Windows Player, standard program that already comes installed in every Windows operating system.

That way, having a Microsoft operating system installed on your computer will be essential to take advantage of all the benefits and features that dvr intelbras hdcvi 1016 can offer.

Price Of The DVR Intelbras Hdcvi 1016

Market competitors who have the technology to work with HDCVI, HDTVI and AHD are in the range of $ 900 to $ 1,200.

But Intelbras products have a considerable value and dominate the market (so it is one of the main brands in electronic security in Brazil).