10 Errors Style That Can Make You Look Older

I know that all we always take great care in choosing what to wear. We hardly use a piece of clothing that makes you look fat on purpose, but you’d be surprised at the amount of elements in our daily style that make us look older.

10 Errors Style That Can Make You Look Older

Often it’s not just the vanity that makes you want to look younger, but the fact that you don’t feel “old” inside, so why would we want to disclose an image aged to the world? To have that care in everyday life, here’s a list of 10 things that can make us look older:

1. Tweed

While some fabrics have a youthful vibe (like the jeans), the tweed appears to be otherwise because they are commonly associated with matrimonial suits. If you are in search of a masculine look, choose pieces with stripes, or with the pied-de-poule print in place of the tweed.

2. Reading glasses

Of course you need them, but no woman gets to look younger with reading glasses on the tip of the nose. The chain used to hold the glasses in the neck also makes you look older. If you need to use this type of glasses defined by http://www.gradinmath.com/, make sure they have a beautiful and fun frame.Bet on colors and prints.

3. Gray hair

Gray hair have already entered the list of trends sometimes, but fashion experts and Hairstylists claim that gray in may look more age, especially if she shows up early, making you look older than you really are, let the gray hairs for when you get to the third age. In the meantime, talk to your hairdresser preference and choose a color that matches your skin tone.

4. Cardigans

Know that we love the cardigans and they look great as Joker from any look, but it needs to be used carefully so as not to grow old our appearance. Experts do not recommend this piece especially for women who have the belly and hip areas largest. As the cardigan doesn’t have a structured way, he also doesn’t appreciate the ways of woman. In this case, to look younger, opt for a jacket, or structured blazer (lined sleeves, seam and collar). And no matter what you do, but don’t tie waist cardigan because it will hide the hips, leaving the female body without in any way-and may grow old and fat.

5. Anatomical shoes

We are pró-conforto, of course, but some models of anatomical shoes can ruin a modern look and make it look older. Look for fashion shoes that are also comfortable, they are not difficult to be found.

6. “Mom jeans”

The famous “mom jeans” is the one with tighter bars to the legs and waist high and straight. They devalue the body and are outdated.Nowadays several brands are investing in the renewal of this type of pants and the new versions are the best options.

7. Any colour you erase

One thing that can get old instantly is to use parts with colors that go off your natural color. The right color can brighten your skin and make you look even younger. The experts say that red and blue are the colours more combine with everyone.

8. Hand bag

You know that Grandma’s handbag? Or that handbag that you had in the late 80? It’s time to retire it. Replace it with an eco-leather colorful and fun!

9. Too much makeup or no makeup

A blush, or a flashy lipstick can be so envelhecedores about not using any makeup. If you’re not sure what works for you, look for makeups that make stores a makeover for free with the right products for your skin. Look for light and shadows as well as dyes lipsticks and lip gloss. Learn how to apply correctly and you’ll be on your way to the perfect makeup.

10. High socks with sneakers

If not with your gym clothes, high socks, or with sneakers are prohibited, especially if they are combined with Bermuda and capri pants.

Remember that all these tips are not rules. They can be adapted with youthful elements and create a look very stylish. What counts, in the end, is that you feel good about yourself!