10 Cuts Hair Male Short and Practical

Not only topetões, frajões and pompadours are composed with the current trends of grooming, those who enjoy the cuts for short hair male practical also has good options in vista. If you’re the type that likes to wake up in the morning with the hairstyle almost ready; if waxes and polishes are not your forte; and if you use dryer is not among your favorite tasks, maybe one of the photos that illustrate this article you will inspire you to order something different on the next trip to the barber.

10 Cuts Hair Male Short and Practical

1 – Cut hair down even on the machine

A classic that never loses its charm, but not very indicated for those who have entries or thinning hair. Most of the time works well with a beard not too voluminous, but that you can determine if you let the facial hair grow until you feel that there is a balance in the set.

Care: needs very few care, simply wash with shampoo, blow-dry with the towel gently and ready. If you want to give a bit of texture, or let a little more messy, use wax or pomade in minute quantities.


2 – Cut national preference

The cut used for a long time by actor Ryan Reinolds is renowned for being one of the most requests in the barber shops of the USA, but it is not for less, it has low maintenance, is clean and modern enough to please the average american. The side goes in the machine 1 up to the top, where it gains a little volume and a tuft discreet. You can combine with a beard or low with a a little more bulky if you roll a gradient done well in the area of chops.

Care: simple at the time of washing and drying, asks only a little from product to model the part of the front and give texture at the top whole, but there are those who leave natural, depending, of course, the thickness and amount of hair that the subject has.


3 – Cut male hair short with snails on top

The cut male hair short does not mean that you should take the personality of your wires. If the trend is to form clusters, be they small or large, you can highlight it in the upper and lower sides in a gradient that goes from 0 to 2 or from 1 to 3.

Care: wash normally, but apply a bit of conditioner in the top to let the wires hydrated and soft, gaining volume. Polishes and waxes can come in to help control the volume and unruly hair.


4 – hair Cut with front designed

A trend that is showing on social networks like Pinterest and the cut with the bangs cut in a way that the front part is designed in a way independent of the wave is born your hair, if you have entries, or a large forehead. After the most voluminous is stylized with texture and goose pimples with ointment, half mohawk soft version. It may be a good for those who have big forehead!

Care: it is a little more demanding than the previous ones, needs a lot of maintenance (read: cut) in the regular schedule and will require a certain degree of skill to make the look flawless, but does not come close to a pompadour, for example.


5 – Cut male hair short with bangs

Fans of fringe need not feel orphaned when the subject of short hair, you do not need to be an emo with a fringe reaching to the chin, but it gives to keep the style with the wires a little longer, and still have a cut is modern and practical. As in the above example, it is possible to leave the head of hair as well low with some locks falling on the forehead. More a good cut to disguise the size of the forehead, and leave you with more youthful appearance!

Care: to be used in this way the hairstyle only requires that the hair be washed well to not get too oily in the bangs. You can use an ointment to keep it in place, but does not require a lot of work, because you will only spread the product and put the wires in place.


6 – Cut with a little volume to the front

Some people do not adapt to cut with a lot of symmetry, preferring that the hairstyle has different volumes and formats, such as the example above. The sides are very low (machine 1) to (3) with a little more volume ago volume median at the top and fringe a bit more long and stringy to be used styled with some product. It is a format that does not contain news, but it has been doing successfully for years, and adapts very well to any one.

Care: easy to wash, asks only a small amount of wax or pomade on the front, taking advantage of the scraps that are left on hand to wrap lightly on the top, but you can give work to those who have the hair half rebel or are given to the “bad hair day”, be warned!


7 – Cut a short fade discreet

The cuts with up to 3 height variations on the side are on a high for quite some time, but this does not mean that the effect will fade more discreet not to work well, especially for those who have the elongated head or jaw wide, in need of a little side volume. The top can be as low as the high, this will depend on what you want to highlight in the shape of the face.

Care: as the idea is to have the hair down in a general way, you only need to leave it always clean and well trimmed, but a bit of ointment can be sweaty to give texture in the parts where the wires are slightly longer than the rest.


8 – Cut male hair with side volume

You do not enjoy exposing your scalp, as happens in cuts with fade or undercuts? Then the best choice for you is a design that incorporates both wires a bit longer in the side, but in this case it is important to respect their proportions in the time to choose the right length, coso otherwise you will end up with a hair difficult to control and leaves your head very round.

Care: requires regular cuts to not get out of control (3 in 3 weeks) and impeccable hygiene to prevent oiliness and dandruff. Products for styling are welcome to give a modern format, but nothing that requires a lot of time in front of the mirror.


9 – hair Cut male with footprint military

Not only the clothing the military will again be high this year as the cuts with that same inspiration are still among the chosen by many men and easy to know because, ultimately, there is nothing more practical for if you ask a barber.

Care: this is a cutting low-maintenance for you, but that will require trips contained to the barber shop if you do not have anyone in your house that you can hit him from time to time. On the other hand there is no need to spend with halls expensive, is the kind of cutting that any professional in the branch can hit.


10 – Cutting short male hair style Caesar

The personal calls of Caesar he cut that reminds of the roman emperors, usually cut in a uniform manner and combed to the front. The more modern versions leave the sides slightly lower than the top which is thrown forward in a fringe as well discreet. Good for hiding entries, or a large forehead.

Care: take it to the basics, that is, wash well and mold with very little pomade or wax in the hands for a natural effect and unpretentious. Combines well with a beard of medium size, or with a more long then d shout “this is Spartaaaaaa!”


Here are some more suggestions of cuts hair male short and practical

Some tips for those who will opt for this length

  • Even being very short you can ask to the barber shred a little bit to add texture and make the look more interesting;
  • Short hair does not mean washing less, because the root and wires oily or dirty, ruin the visual;
  • Be careful not to highlight entries, sparse hair, large forehead, or cheeks;
  • Thin wires tend to thin even more with the use of gel or wax, try to choose a cut that does not rely on these products if your hair is as well;
  • Very short hair mean going to regular barber shop if you want them to be spotless;
  • The length can leave the exposed scalp and the use of a hat in the days of strong sun can be essential.

Final note:

Despite the trend of the hair with too much volume on top, long fringes, and even the compridões are gaining ground, the short hair is still a good choice for those who work and do not want to spend the morning tidy hair or do you fear the relentless “bad hair day”. Practicality, versatility and style still maintains the short cuts at the top of the choices male.