ELAC FS 507 VX Jet Test

The mechanically adjustable ELAC coax promises an adaptation to the acoustics of the room in an elegant narrow box. Manages this HiFi miracle?

A move can be the most unpleasant events in the life of a high Enders. The plant, which has sounded so wonderful harmonical in the old room, will simply not quite sound in the new environment. The bass? Slow. The figure? Diffuse or flat. The central location? Then.

The acoustic reasons are obvious: the interplay of direct and indirect sound in the room strongly influenced the stage picture, the timing and the sense of distance. The responsible parameters are the reverberation of the room, the distance and the bundling measure of the speaker. Boxes with strong focusing of sound energy on the listening position sound better at longer distances and more vivid rooms, wide-beam specimens at well damped rooms or in the near field. Continue reading

Primare Pre Amplifier Combination in the Test

With this amplifier combination of primary could be a dream true: you get high end sound, the electric bill goes down and you can also save yourself a player.

Pre amplifier combined with integrated streaming Board

  • Primare pre 32 (2100 EUR)
  • Primare A34. 2 (2100 EUR)
  • Primare MM 30 (1200 EUR)

The formula for success, the Primare holds almost 25 years, is based on three factors: sophisticated, State of the art technology, perfect workmanship, dreaming safe Scandinavian design. Because on the last two points simply nothing improve, has developed an amazing creativity for the manageable size of business and is the Swedish developer team one sighted in recent years more and more on point. Continue reading

Marantz No. 1603 and UD 5007 in the Test

The Marantz models are cleverly designed. But the new Blu-ray drive and the top model of the semi-high AV amps have other qualities, as shown in the test.

You would have the space for an AV receiver, then but no more for a Blu-ray player? Or you are even more slim models? Marantz provides exactly the right for you – with the NR-series AV receivers, which are as high as a typical player and thus more elegant and light-footed. While these models – such as the not at all stingy are here tested no. 1603 – with features or performance. It is almost equal to large BD drive UD 5007, the duo is as high as one of the bigger receivers. Or the two stand side by side flounder-flat. Continue reading

Vodafone Smart 2 in Test

The Vodafone smart 2 must test its favourable price tribute pay, offers lately but great Smartphone for very little money.

This is an announcement sometime: Schlappe 99 Euro for a new Android Smartphone! This price is currently hard to beat. While behind the exclusive smartphones for network operators increasingly put the Chinese manufacturer Huawei and ZTE, Vodafone here collaborates with Alcatel and sold that smart CallYa Smartphone fun 2 exclusively together with a prepaid plan. Continue reading

Pro-Ject Phono Box RS in the Test

The price-performance specialists from Pro-Ject in genteel climes venture with the RS series. A Pro-Ject preamp has never been so expensive – and so good.

Cheap, simple and well – if fi people laid before these three concepts, they will very quickly – say if not a first – ‘Pro-Ject’. The Austrian Czech brand has acquired the reputation of an audiophile Robin Hood first with incredibly cheap turntables and soon with the black box from the box series. The new RS series wants to no longer quite fit: instead of modest however it enters the stage robust robber civil made of steel profile and rather thin aluminium front confidently in grand pomp: solid aluminium is the material of choice, precisely right milled, with solid metal knobs and-toggle switches at the front and highest quality Sockets at the rear. At almost every other brand, the fans had eyed pertaining such decadence: “Now who want to make sure cash”. Continue reading

Dynaudio ExCite X 16 in the Test

With their extra large deep midrange and tweeter the Dynaudio ExCite X 16 wants to get the most from the amplifier power. The test reveals how the compact speaker this sounds.

Efficiency and dynamics are now on everyone’s lips when it comes to getting around. In times like these the audio specialists prone high regions commonly tend to waste of can turn his back on itself this trend. So, Dynaudio for its existing stance and compact speakers Excite line promises that every model makes the most out of the supplied amplifier power. Continue reading

B & W MT 60 D Test

Mini boxes often bring only a mini performance. Unlike in the surround multi channel set MT 60 d from B & W, as the test shows.

This cute surround sets of “Oh that are cute!” Class there is yes a lot. And most of them nobody actually needs: rickety plastic housing, too little volume, windy connections and drunk subwoofers are mostly to improve the still bad TV sound. But B & W of the problem “Mini-Surround Set” takes the high-end – world market leader, you expect a lot more. Because in the large (Nautilus series) or the lesser (Zeppelin docks) the British were always standards. Continue reading

EPIC ELAN 15 in the Test

Computer simulations were used in the development of the chassis for the epic ELAN 15. The test shows whether that positively affects the sound of the compact box.

The creations by Michael Creek many myths have grown up – just think of his legendary amplifier. A new chapter was added to the epic of the English star developer when Creek at the end of the last millennium epic bought the 1983 by Robin Marshall founded speaker brand. Since then he congratulate a dedicated following with sound independent and very sparkling boxes. Continue reading

Sony Vaio T in the Test

Strong debut: the first Sony Ultrabook offers abundant connections, a fresh design and shows good performance in the test. Everything is there at an affordable price.

Long Ultrabooks have keep waiting with the smart VAIO logo on himself, now they’re here: to mark launch of the third generation of the core i processors, Sony has brought three Vaio T models in the shops.

Thus, Japan multi first manufacturer has installed the new ultra low voltage processors. All three Ultrabooks cost less than 1000 euro and meet demand, to use even smaller purse with at least one model per product line to Intel’s. Continue reading

AVM Audition S3 in the Test

As a complement to its amplifiers, AVM has dared to a noble compact speaker. We have tested the AVM audition S3.

The reputation of AVM founded for over 25 years on high-end, however after the best German engineering virtues developed and yet not too expensive electronic components. A compact speaker of the noble class was now not the product what you could expect from the occupied. Managing Director Udo better led, also more practical reasons why the “audio video manufactory” dared himself to this project: to the noble integrated amplifiers of the House – and especially CD-receiver – inspiration C8 is there simply no optically matching speakers on the market. Continue reading

Denon AVR-3313 in the Test

With the new AVR-3313, Denon has introduced gapless playback of music streams. Its rectilinear concept, he can close the gap between classic stereo amplifiers and highly complex AV Central.

The upgrade of AV receivers to hyperactive, multi zone capable, networked command centers split the different user and age groups and irritated the ancestral HiFi clientele. Ultimately, the technical overkill seemed only a matter of time. Continue reading

Reset STeK MDAC + in the Test

The MDAC + from Restek is extremely versatile. The test reveals whether convinced also the sound of the D/A converter.

You can take the term “versatile” confidently literally at the STeK MDAC +. This already applies to the external appearance: front panel aluminium nature or chrome-plated and a display in several color variants, later change the allow – at MDAC + everything is actually possible. Continue reading

Wadia 121 in the Test

The Wadia 121 is barely larger than a headphone amplifier. The test shows whether he still brings the full power of digital preamps.

The name Wadia not only inextricably associated with digital audio technology – the Americans have made with bold going it alone in this environment for one or another revolution.

The most important, however, was the introduction of Settling process digital filters. With slight elevation drop that bulk up but worse, sounded audibly better. In the times itself FIR filter frequency response digital audio components highly controversial, include time-optimized digital filters almost everywhere now de rigueur and be fitted directly to the converter chips from semiconductor manufacturers. Continue reading

T + A DAC 8 in the Test

The DAC 8 by T + A runs an enormous effort in the processing of digital data. The test shows how this affects the sound.

Although the Herforder HiFi specialist T + A always with very elaborate D/AWandler concepts for his CD and network players added in the last few years, shone, external DACs for the Westphalia have never been a big issue. It was a component in the program, which consistently implemented the concept of the digital preamplifier and therefore was far ahead of time 3000 AC with the legendary PreDAC in 1996. Continue reading

HTC Desire X in the Test

The HTC desire X in the market comes in September. The desire line is available at HTC for cheap smartphones, according to the suggested price is moderate 299 euros. Many of the features seem to come, however, from the more expensive series. A first impression of the test.

The factor begins already with the large 4-inch display. It offers the resolution usual for the installed Android 4.0.4 (an update on Android 4.1 (jelly bean) has been announced), which benefits its ease of use. Continue reading