Remember When You Put Your Favorite Series with Episodes

Although I don’t have time to see all the series that I would like the truth is that I am attentive to when they issue new episodes and premiere new series. When you are hooked to this scene it is inevitable to be aware of everything that happens.

In the network there are many pages that give this kind of information but sometimes it is more convenient to have an app to see it directly. So far they had not found a good guide of American fiction for Android that ended convince me but it seems that Episodes perfectly fulfills its mission. Continue reading

LG Announces the G Watch R

People, the smart watches (or smartwatches) are the new sensation of the moment, isn’t it? There are now several models on the market, from Samsung, LG, Motorola and, according to various rumors, coming soon to Apple, you’re going to have your. But one thing they all have in common: they look more like mini smartphones than even watches. However, the LG wants to change that. Want to know how? Comes with Lu. Continue reading

3g Watchdog: a Can to Control Your Data Rate

Many of you may possibly have a contracted data rate. No doubt is a luxury to have Internet always at hand whether we work with it or for fun. These rates tend to be a bit greedy and never we know very well how much actually consume.

Some of these are unlimited and after passing a certain number of megabytes low speed. Others on the other hand, reached the limit we are beginning to collect. To avoid surprises on your Bill or to control how much we spend exactly, there is no better application than 3g Watchdog. Continue reading

SMS, Email, Twitter, Facebook on Your Watch!

Geek friends, hold your glasses in both hands. The watch of the future is now for sale. And not too expensive and more! Presented at the CES in Las Vegas in January, “SmartWatch” from Sony is now marketed in France. To make simple and effective as touch Apple devices: it is a portable device worn on the wrist and connected by bluetooth to the smartphone. The SmartWatch so lets see its SMS/MMS, emails, contacts, surfing social networks, check its RSS and its multimedia files… Bonus: it gives the time. Continue reading

Press News Is Seen in Honeycomb

Fans and addicts, the feeds and RSS will know that Android has a lot of applications for such purpose. The official client for Google Reader, Newsrob, GReader…all of them are similar but different at the same time.

Among this large cast has always Press News by its fantastic design. A news reader really attractive and different with a very visual structure. Its great handicap was the mismanagement of the display and the navigation through the menus. All very nice but impractical in reality. Continue reading

Sony Tablet P

One thing is certain: the designers of Sony were not to twiddle my thumbs in recent months because both the Tablet S that precisely this Tablet P, have their say in terms of looks.OK, although everything is this second model that hits more attention, thanks to the soft lines, compact size, but above all to the fact that opening into two this kind of “pochette”, inside there is a true tablet Honeycomb in all respects.

Continue reading

13 Games Steam Excellent Have on Android and That Surely Unknown

Steam is the digital platform for PC games where you can find all kinds of genres and it has become one of the key for a good variety of indie studios. It is usually the space where to stand those unknown games that will eventually end up in other operating systems.

Since Steam offer wide variety of titles that end up coming to Android and that have become some of the best like Machinarium, Reigns and more. This list of 13 is made by others so many that may pass unnoticed, but that They feature high quality and new approaches to game. As often happens with games that come from the PC platform, most are extra, though you will have three that can accessed free. Continue reading