The Fashion of Colored Jeans Shirt for Men

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The Jeans is a very versatile fabric, found in several parts that make the head of fashionistas. One of the pieces that came back with everything was the jeans shirtand, to innovate even more and make the men more beautiful, the new collection of Conscience Jeans brings the colored jeans shirts. Continue reading

Philips Launches New Line of Led Digital Tv Monitor

Adding technology and image quality, Philips Monitors brings to market the new Monitor TV DTV LED line, available in both 21.5 “and 23” inch sizes.The handsets also feature Full HD resolution, as well as an integrated digital receiver.

The lineup also features the exclusive technology of the 20,000,000: 1 Smart Contrast brand, which enhances contrast with incredible black, guaranteed images with vibrant colors and high shadow detailing. Continue reading

Tailored Trousers from Sartoria Corcos-Part II

Last week, you could read about when we wrote about the tailor’s Sartoria Corcos from Florence. We outlined the process when two pairs of pants were sewn up by the company’s skilled tailors Kotaro Miyahira. After a number of testing landed to finish the pants at the home of the author who today will share their personal experiences and thoughts on the outcome. Continue reading

Demin Jackets and Vests

Winter is the season that makes us get more parts warm the wardrobe like vests and jackets. The vest completes the look and makes men more charming. Among the most popular models are the denim jackets and sports. The jackets, are indispensable items. After all, with the Brazilian climate, we’re always surprised by the change of time and, therefore, the ideal is to always carry a coat with you. Continue reading

This Week’s Outfit

Gray and black in all the glory, but it works out to be colorful even in autumn. I have to my outfit chosen to highlight classic garments that in combination with each other creates a great mix. The outfit is inspired by both traditional English fashion, but at the same time, the more casual Italian, which to me is not a contradiction. Imagine a little Berkshire meets Bolzano. Continue reading

Style Guide:Sports Shoes and clothing Trend for Female

The sports style out of the academies, passed through the walkways and invading the streets marking presence looks unpretentious. The result? Muiiito comfort and style to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Want to know how to use the sports trend in everyday life? Check out the tips that the fashion and image consultant Suh Riediger prepared: Continue reading

8 Ways to Incorporate the Tennis in Your Visual

Think tennis is only for use at the gym, or to get some exercise? You’re wrong! These shoes can be incorporated into different looks from day to day and even help to leave more sophisticated pieces that you rarely uses more casual and more practical.
Check out some tips on how to use your sports footwear with the clothes that are in your wardrobe: Continue reading

Headset: Learn the History of the Accessory and First Models

Headphones, headphones or headphones.Just like the names, the headphones have also changed a lot and have evolved over the years.But did you know that the accessory was not always used to listen to music?Check out the story that TechTudo has prepared and know the history of headphones and their first models. Continue reading

Manolo on Indie Fashion Fair in Copenhagen

After going through all the booths at the main fair, CPH Vision, we put ourselves in a taxi and go to the considerably smaller Exhibition Gallery. At this trade fair is the only Scandinavian design, and all compulsive and crowds from the main fair is blown away.
At CPH Vision, to dismiss nine of ten booths as either dammontrar or just pure junk. Here at the Gallery, it is certainly very Lady, too, but the Mr collections are really good. Continue reading

Easter Wall Decorations Diy

Easter is knocking on the doors of all of us! And we must find us ready and then begin to prepare our home with decorations can also be used to decorate the table of this beautiful day spent with family. Today I want to offer a cool way to decorate with beads, styrofoam eggs so beloved by moms and teenagers. In fact, you can get help from them in the choice of colors of beads to use.

Continue reading

Varifocais Cameras

Nowadays some problems encountered at the time of installation does not correspond only to the difficulty of passing wiring or the proper equipment configuration problems. Sometimes even if you previously designed a note disappointment compared to the lens or angle presented by that camera, always ending in a comment “Could get a little bit more of that area right?”, or even “the angle is open too much as well that could focus more on that door “, and with this, resulting in Exchange for equipment or even in Exchange for equipment position that still is more laborious. Continue reading