Xperia Z4-All Rumours About The New Super Smartphone From Sony

Sony behaves slightly differently than other smartphone manufacturers. Every year to bring him only a Smartphonemodell of the top series out, Sony has presented so far two flagships. That should change as the next model, the Sony Xperia Z4.

Just like the Z2 , also the Z4 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will be presented. Great mobile radio show, which takes place at the beginning of March next year, a lot of Smartphone novelties are presented each year from different manufacturers.

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Air 2 Ipad And Ipad Mini 3 Unveiled

Only about a month after the launch of the new iPhone, Apple has presented two new products.The two tablets of the American aircraft have not greatly changed by the appearance of, but get many new and interesting features.

As Apple announced keynote has expected according to the motto “it’s been way too long” presented two new iPad models. Both models were equipped with a faster chip and the touch-ID-fingerprint scanner.

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Apple Releases iOS 8.1: Renovations At a Glance

Apple last night has a corrected version with a few new features in its operating system iOS 8.1 released. After the debacle with the update to iOS 8.0.1, the Group wants to iron out numerous errors.
IOS with OS 8, Apple had a good start. Both iPhone than iPad users also complained about serious problems: Accordingly, it was for example not possible iOS version 8.0.1 to make phone calls, wereported. Now, the software upgrade to 8.1 to remedy. We show you the most important new features in the overview.

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Why The Nexus 6 Under Meets All Expectations

The nexus 6 has been officially unveiled by Google last week and praised – we can’t find their way.The huge high-end smartphone from Google can not convince us unfortunately. We say why.
With the new nexus 6, Google wants to set new standards for high end smartphones. The design of the nexus 6 very strongly reminiscent of the Moto X with its arched back. It is also the housing frame as in the Moto X metal. Accordingly this is nexus 6 unimaginative, as we find. The nexus 6 was touted in advance as a best seller, but that by no means convincing new Nexus 6.

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Our 7 top Kamerasmartphones

Since cameras were installed in mobile phones, has can be seen a steady increase in the photo quality.Nowadays, many leave their compact camera at home and use your Smartphone. Which Smartphone shoots the best photos and videos we show you.

Which Smartphone is the perfect for photo lovers? While many would rather rely on a DSLR camera, some smartphones can shoot today been class photos. The megapixel count is up to 40 megapixels (Nokia Lumia 1020) has increased. In addition to top Smartphones from the

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These Devices Get All Android 5.0 (lollipop)

Since Android 5.0 was officially unveiled by Google and now the final code name Lollipop was announced, many wondering whether they will get the update. We list devices from different manufacturers that will get Android lollipop.

The software fragmentation is one of the biggest problems found in Android devices. Many devices, especially mid-range and entry-level smartphones don’t get a new update by Google. I myself have experienced S with my HTC one, which had received 4.1 as last update Android. Many device manufacturers have already expressed that their equipment Gets the update and when it coasts up.

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Mozilla’s Next Attempt- The Fire E

The new fire E by Alcatel one touch is the next attempt to get the still quite young for Firefox OS on the market. Also just like the predecessor, Mozilla is aimed with his unit on Smartphoneeinsteiger that now after all much classier acts.

Alcatel OneTouch attempts with his new dough equipment to establish the Firefox OS more. The operating system from the House of Mozilla is unlike its big competitors iOS, Android and Windowsphone HTML5 based, however so far lacked good equipment to demonstrate. The fire is S although by no means perfect, but a first reasonable attempt to spread Firefox OS. Currently it is offered for €120 on the German market.

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Oppo N3 and R5 officially unveiled

The OPPO’s Chinese manufacturer introduced two new smartphones today. The oppo N3 was abundant teased and impressed with his rotating camera, while the R5 to one is one of the world’s thinnest smartphones on the market.

We have had the Oppo N3 in the last days genommmen under the magnifying glass . Now it was finally vorgestelllt, together with a Smartphone that looks almost fragile thin. The oppo N3 has a rotating camera that you want to be this time also motorised as a unique selling point. So

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Google Notes: Notes, Organise And Manage

“The free service of note, Google notes” extends the previous drive service. With Google notes can create your simple notes, organize and synchronize your notes with Android mobile devices.
The online notebook for the Google service, drive “with incorporated. Google calls it in other countries, keep”— in Germany the service is Google simply, notes”. Convinced the note service by Google: A very elegant look and some new features. Google puts focus on user-friendliness, overview and access. So, it is possible to access via browser or Android app on the notes.

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Xiaomi is Now The Third Largest Smartphone Manufacturers In The World

Who knows the name of Xiaomi Smartphone manufacturer of you? And still you should be now third-largest manufacturer in the world. Here you have prevailed successfully against LG, Lenovo and Huawei. We explain how it happened.

Xiaomi is one of the classic Start-Up companies from China, which 3 within a very short time has managed the leap into the top. The company existed only for 4 years and you have a world market share of 5.3%.Traditional brands like Nokia, Sony or Motorola are no longer among the

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Samsung Reports Serious Profit Slump

Samsung’s earnings have suffered according to own statements in the 3rd quarter of this year a significant bend. This was mainly to the weak mobile phone division. Main reason is the low-cost competition from China.

The South Korean technology company Samsung is still in the black.However, compared to the previous year, profit by more than 60% had gone back. The profit amounted to in 2013 on scarce €7.5 billion, 3 billion euros this year only were prescribed in good. Even the most forecasts were much more optimistic. The mobile sector, which accounts for about half of the profits of the company is leading. Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices earned 74% less profit this quarter as compared to the previous year.

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Samsung Galaxy Touch Edge: Sale Date And Price For Germany Is [Update]

Samsung launched a voting in the 120.210 votes had to reach the Android Phablet with curved display at the right in Germany is offered earlier this week. The target was exceeded by now.
[Update 13.11.2014] Now, one thing is clear: this is a more expensive fun touch edge. The stacked costs 899 euros, which will be available initially only. The stacked includes a protective flip wallet, a display cleaner, three year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as a microSD memory card (64 GB) with SD card adapter. In my opinion the Bill edge is one of the most exciting releases of this year though and with a 2.7 GHz Snapdragon 805 processor and the 5.6-inch display has been a high price to be expected, but the price is then too excessive.

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“Facebook: Anonymous Chat App, Rooms” Launches In Germany

Facebook brings a new chat service called rooms to Germany. The company allows the so-called chat app, rooms”an anonymous communication. The iPhone app is ready since yesterday to download users from Germany.
The chat app rooms designed for anonymous is already available since October in the United States. Facebook recently announced that the application could be used soon worldwide. As a result students from Germany can try out the new chat service of rooms of Facebook since Tuesday.

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