iPhone 6s Challenge HTC One M9, S6 Edge, LG G4 and ZTE Axon

The CPU thermal throttling of smartphones has been one of the most discussed topics in this 2015, since the stories have emerged about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. Therefore, on the occasion of the marketing of a new smartphone arrives more or less interesting tests are intended to verify how the temperature rise caused by using go to affect the performance of the device.

The test that we propose today is quite interesting and is primarily aimed at iPhone 6s, the latest top of the range model from Apple. During the test will be considered two scenarios, one based at a normal room with a temperature of 24° and one maintained in a container with ice and water, in order to cool the device. Both tests are often lasting 10 minutes and uses the platform Geekbench 3 to check the progress of the performance through the evaluation obtained in core tests. Continue reading

Fashion Color Trends Spring 2016

We are used to lots of flowers and strong colors in spring fashion. At least that’s what happened in the last three seasons, but we had a concept of discrete and stylish this season. The spring fashion 2016 still much closed in shades and patterns when compared to previous years, which is good considering the timelessness of the pieces and who had fear of strong colors like honey and fad color blocking. This year we have the casual, elegant and retro touches on the agenda.

The elegancia and chance in the new season are with looks of pure color. A single color sets or dresses is more than fashionable. The colors? Red, orange, blue, green and classic beige to match everything. The proposal is to create a visual impact without much force the look. The more discreet is better for your look.

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Why Has a Flip Phone in Hello Clip, the Singer Adele?

The latest album from British singer Adele came out for almost five years, so the impact of Hello clip, first single from her new album, 25, was expected. But beyond all expectations satisfied by his first novel in three years (the last was Sky fall, the soundtrack of the eponymous film), a clip detail caught the attention of fans and curious: the presence of flip phones.

The strangeness is due to the time of the mobile phone industry. In the streets and in shop windows, the iPhone format, ie, a simple rectangle with one side occupied by a huge touch screen to touch, is the norm. It is increasingly rare to find other sale, including flip phone there. Even among baratinhos models this is a specimen endangered. It is much easier to come across the type bar, or “Nokia model” (screen and physical keyboard dividing one side of a rectangle with no moving parts) than the flip phones nostalgic.

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How to Make Children’s Party Decoration Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the name of a game that started making much success in 2010. Simple, colorful and addictive, it wasn’t long until the game started making success among adults and among children. With that, the theme of the design is a great option for a joyful, fun party and which is full of options for innovate and inspire. A different party without having to spend so much? Then check out tips and ideas for decorating party Angry Birds.

The Angry Birds are predominantly round and colorful birds, so it’s a great idea to use the balloons and balloons in a different way, creating the birds with u simple design.

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Latest Fashion Tips for Ladies

If you expected a 2016 fashion irreverent as we have seen in recent years, can come later. This will be the most conservative and traditional fashion period ever seen. There is a post modernism abandonment in fashion and a strong tendency to return to the classics for inspiration in the high couture of the last century and the traditional and minimalist walking quite at hand. You can drop a little extravagance and stay with the traditional.

Fashion Tips 2016 for the Use of Jeans

After the strong wave of colored jeans, one of the biggest bets among the 2016 fashion tips is the traditional jeans wash. Blue jeans 70s style back with everything in at least five shows last fashion week. The focus on traditional washing is so strong that the giant TNG launched an entire collection based on the past with luxury and modern cuts.

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Essential Items for Women’s Wardrobe

Choose an outfit in the morning can be a very difficult task, especially if you don’t have much time or when, somehow, it seems that anything looks good on your body. However, there are some essential items of clothing that you can have in your closet that can make that stress be a lot smaller. So, check out some of these essential items for you to update your wardrobe:

White shirt

The white shirt is one of the essential items in every woman’s wardrobe. You can have a more acinturada to work and another longer for weekends. They can be combined with jeans, leggings, skirts and shorts.

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Sunglasses for Sports with Prescription

Sunglasses offer many advantages for the sporting or otherwise move the man. Not only beautiful and sunny weather, but even when it is cloudy and dark. This is because both the frames and lenses are arranged to sports use under a variety of conditions and types of weather.Because an ordinary sunglasses can not knock it. However, it is important to pay attention to what you need glasses for any activity. Although it is a base model, in principle, requires a lot of practice to special glasses.Apart from this, there is a choice of different types of sports sunglasses. Article arrangement

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How to Make Decorations with Provencal Your Nightstand!

Home decoration with Provencal style long fell into the graces of the Brazilians. It’s a different style, coming from France, specifically in the region of Provence. The original proposal was created in order to differentiate dull wooden furniture with low cost. Today, ironically, contradicting the original molds Provencal items are more expensive, but very elegant and worth investing. One of the interior decorating tips is a nightstand.

My house combines with this style? This is one of the most common questions and unfortunately without an exact answer. Depends on. Provencal furniture are very classic style, ask for a bit of traditionalism in the decoration. We can eliminate some styles that might not get cool with this kind of furniture, oriental and African decoration. Not being a French Provencal style, ethnic decoration itself doesn’t fall too well.

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Lamp Shade Custom Made to Order

Only a few weeks is the issue “Design Mens’ magazine INFORM-design, craft, design date, in which we present to the public a very special design lamp. As Design Lighting Shop design place was invited Edition contribute a product that mainly a suggested: masculinity. Long we had to think about what a male design lamp exactly is and like us, it was apparently also the magazine’s editors INFORM. Ultimately, however, we found a design, which you can actually abgewinnen something archaic. We have recently introduced the masculine design product on our Facebook profile quite clearly present in its most essential characteristic. How do we justify our choice of male design lamp, you read in this paper the design place blogs or the next time you visit our Berlin showroom where the latest print issue of INFORM lies ready for you.

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