Necklaces That Adorn the Back

At the ceremony of the Oscar winning the 2013, two golden statuettes took the stage to receive their awards with an interesting styling trick: the necklaces worn by they were purposefully backward, adorning the back! Anne Hathaway wore a more classic version, voluminous and close to the neck, while Jennifer Lawrence wore a long and delicate gold-bead and bright, coming down the back. This proposal of the jewel reversed adds glamour and can make all the difference in a production. Continue reading

Thun Christmas Decorations

Who hasn’t heard of Thun, raise your hand! Thun is famous for its unique style, sweet and tender, very joyous and reassuring. Produces lots of household items, of different types. Are part of the collections the party favors, decorative objects, clocks, the series of angels, decoration, jewellery, Christmas with the famous Nativity scenes and much more.

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Julianne Moore Oscar Dress

Beautiful actress and elegant woman, Julianne Moore loves long dress, but in his spare time, sports outfit easy and comfortable. Let’s find out how to copy the look of the beautiful redhead actress.

Julianne Moore has charmed Hollywood in the drama Still Alice where he  played the part of Alice Howland, a professor of languages ​​who develop Alzheimer’s. Interpretation that has brought our great icon to win the Golden Globe for Best Actress. Julianne, however, has really conquered all, not only for her acting skills but also for his style: chic, impeccable and very elegant.

If you want to copy her outfits, read on!

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Flag of Franconia

Appearance Flag Franconia

  • The flag colors are red and white Francs, which is called a heraldic silver and yellow in the German flag heraldry gold.
  • In the middle of the flag, the coat of arms is displayed Frankish, which is also red and white.This is the flag that something strange look, as if she were in the middle of the flag is white only three peaks that exceed in the red.
  • Designer of the Far East so have the colors of the white flag simply reversed so above and can be seen below in red.This visual change is not appreciated by the Franks.These surround the emblem with a line, so that this off the ground.

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History of Men’s Tie

The tie can be considered the more masculine accessories, nothing symbolizes the fashion as she, but few people know how did the modern tie and the trajectory so that she would become an icon of elegance and sophistication.

How Did The Tie

Older Records

Since beginning of time we have evidence that men have always had the habit of using some tissue around the neck is to protect from the cold, as a sign of status, a religious symbol or simply a way to complement the outfit. Continue reading

Time of Delicate Earrings

After the reign of ear cuffs, those earrings models that involve the whole ear and we show in this post here, now is the small and delicate spinning rims!

Called “ear bling for some sites specialize in fashion, this trend that emerged in the years 90 ‘s coming back with a vengeance, in keeping with the minimalist wave that is gaining more and more space in fashion in recent seasons. Continue reading

5 Tips To Start Cycling In The City

Each time we see more bicycles in Portuguese cities, mainly in Lisbon and Porto. Citizens who go to work, schools or universities and who choose the two wheels (without motor) for travel. We in LiAM we’re fans and we’re happy to be everything that allows us to live the cities with a more human scale, as is the shift of bike on a daily basis.

Thus, on the eve of the CM Lisbon start putting the network of shared bikes in town (with and without motor), we ask an expert in the field of bicycles in the city which the 5 tips to start cycling in Lisbon. See whatJohn Camolas, owner of the Velocité has to say: Continue reading

7 Bow Ties Made Of Leather To Buy Online

Unlike traditional necktie, which rarely comes out of the same materials and formats, the bow tie has been shown to be much more versatile and have, including some made with feathers of birds, so there seems no surprise that there is a good amount of bow ties made of leather for sale on the internet. But the question is: the visual work? Yes, it works and you can still add a good dose of style, taking your look common place. We have selected below some models that caught our attention and can please those looking for a different and cool. Continue reading

5 Ideas For Intelligent Recycling Objects

Looking for different and innovative ideas to make your different home decoration, modern and beautiful? Because then you’ll love the tips here, all taken from the blog Chiligueta. In this blog you can find various tips, always with different ideas. Worth a visit to see.

The first idea is shown above. A lamp is made with plastic cups. Note that each Cup is a staple of these to hold paper. Fantastic idea, isn’t it? To see more details, click on the photo. Continue reading

Absolute Trend in Jewelry

In the early 19th century, one of the most popular metals of Russia was a pinkish tone gold, widely used in jewelry and props. For a long time, was even called Russian gold among Jewelers and consumers in General. This term, however, went out of fashion, giving way to rosé nomenclature – or even pink gold – which persists to this day. Continue reading

Rhodium Plating Jewelry

Turns and moves someone asks: what is rhodium plating? Well, I have to start by explaining that the rhodium is a precious metal of the Platinum family. And it is used to give a white aspect, especially in parts of white gold. Why? Easy: because gold is naturally yellow and when we talk about white gold we’re actually talking about an alloy (see here) which is not exactly yes white yellowish. So, for the white gold turns white and shiny, a rhodium plating. Hence the term jewel rodinada. Continue reading

Social Corset

Do you think that social corset fits up for the prom? Error! In the social corset you can easily go well for the party. Just know what it combine.

If you regret that you off the ball season corsets social sadly hanging in the closet, it’s time to stop despair. Such a corset is beautifully suited for less festivities, yet important events – such as a party or business partner need to meet with classmates after a few years. Continue reading

7 Tips For Using Football Shirt with Style

Many men do not abandon your football shirt. They are a major brand, show a lot of personality. In General, are reflections of passion and a way to print your mark on the world.

Despite this, they are seen by many people as a horrible piece of fashion and that should not be part of the Cabinet, except to go to the stadium. None of this! You can get this football shirt of the wardrobe and enjoy our tips! Continue reading